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Charity Auction

(NYRP) 2006 Hulaween Auction
Stevie Nicks has donated a limited edition framed print of her Rhiannon drawing to auction in support of the New York Restoration Project (NYRP) as part of the Hulaween auction. The winning bidder will be able to have Stevie personally autograph the framed print if they wish too. Bidding began on the 24th of October til 10th of November 2006 You can place bids on the charity auction site by clicking on the link above.
Stevie Nicks will be the featured performer at the 2006 Hulaween Dinner and Auction at the Waldorf Astoria Grand Ballroom, on October 31st 2006. The event will benefit (NYRP)
Stevie Nicks And Tom Petty
Stevie was a special guest for Tom Petty on some of his shows on The Highway Companion Tour. Stevie sang a number of songs with Tom Petty and his all time great and wonderful Heartbreakers. Stevie Joined Tom in a number of duets, Stevie was on the tour from June9th, July29th through to August9th and soon after for certain shows in September and early into October.

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