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Photo Of The Month:
August 2008


It Wasn't Like The Others
It Was Nothing At All
It Wasn't Like Anything
It Was Easy To Fall
Love Don't Mean What It Says At All
My Destiny Says That I'm Destined For It All

"Your My Inspiration"
"You Will Always Be In My Heart"
x x x x x x x x
~Thank You For The Times, My Sweet Sweet Sleeping Angel~
~Like Alice Through The Looking Glass~


Song Of The Month
August 2008
Illume says the candle that I burn
A reflection in the window
All the way to point dume
Illume-like it dances
I am a cliff dweller
From the old school
I like the coastal cities
I like the lights
I like the way the ocean blends
Into the city at night
It like living on a working river
The coast line is glittering
Like a diamond snake
In a black sky
I'm alone now
With my thoughts
Of how we could make it
Of how we could get out
What we've been through
All of the trauma
The smell of nag champra
Shadow of a stranger
I will not take you for granted
I wouldn't trade you for jade
Or for diamonds
Not for one minute
Not for anything
I need you to be there
Just remember when I am haunted
That I was just so scared
I'm alone now
With my thoughts
How we could make it
How we could get out
What we've been through
All of the trauma
The smell of nag champra
Shadow of a stranger
What I saw on this journey
I saw history go down
I cannot pretend
That the heartache falls away
It's just like a river
Ooh it's never ending
I cannot pretend
That the heartache falls away
Because it's just like a river
It's never ending


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Last Updated:24/08/08


In Memory 9/11



You Never Promised Me A Rose Garden
You Never Said It Would Be Easy
You Never Promised Me A Leisure Lifetime
You Only Said You'd Never Leave Me
~An Angel In Disguise My Fears Realised~
~All Alone We Suffer - Oh To Steal Your Heart Away~
The Loneliness Of A One Night Stand Is Hard To Take
We All Chase Something And Maybe This Is A Dream
The Timeless Face Of A Rock And Roll Woman While Her Heart Breaks
Oh You Know The Dream Keeps Coming Even When You Forget To Feel
x x x x x x x x x x
~Come In Out Of The Darkness~
I've Run Through Rainbows And Castles Of Candy
I've Cried A River Of Tears From The Pain
I've Tried To Dance With What Life Has To Hand Me
My Partners Been Pleasure My Partners Been Pain


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