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Walking Alone I Think Of You
Walking By Didn't Know What To Do
And Then You Walked By My Window
You With Your Bright Eyes
You Came Undone
And Then You Say I Told You So
But You Didn't Realise Your The Maker Of Things
It Broke My Heart To See You Cry
But What Can I Do
What's Done Is Done
You Made Me Cry
There Was A Rose In My Heart
Especially For You
But Now Your Gone
What Will I Do
Yes It Was Wrong
The Days Pass By
And Time Moves On
I'm Alone And Your Gone
Only A Shadow To Me Now
In The Dark Dark Night
I Loved You With All My Heart
But You Did Not Love Me
Your Only A Memory
Your My Sweet Cherished Memory
In My Heart You'll Always Remain
Til The Day We Meet
Up In The Sky
Think Of Me When Your All Alone
Think Of Me When There's No Place To Go
Think Of Me In Your Dark Deep Soul
Think Of Me When You Don't Know Which Way To Go
The Long Winding Journey Through Life You Have Made
Has Made Me Strong
My Love For You Will Never Ever Fade
I Will Never Be By Your Side
All Alone At Night There I Lay
Take My Hand And Show Me The Way
I Will Always Love You Forever And A Day
I Took Your Heart When The End Came
I Will Keep It Close To Mine
You Gave Me Love
I Will Never Forget
You Learned Me All I Know My Baby You Will Be
Forever And A Day

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